Our investment Philosophy

We are founder-first and seek to partner with outrageously ambitious founders building their life's work.

We conduct deep research and develop proprietary perspectives around shifts that could become massive trends.
We look for founders that share the vision of the future with an Avalanche theme. And, we do what we can to help.

The primary goal of our capital contribution is to find indications of product-market fit in a massive, ready-for-change market.
Learn. Earn. Own.
Learn. Earn. Own.
Learn. Earn. Own.
Learn. Earn. Own.
Learn. Earn. Own.
Learn. Earn. Own.
Learn. Earn. Own.
Learn. Earn. Own.
Learn. Earn. Own.
Learn. Earn. Own.
Learn. Earn. Own.
Learn. Earn. Own.



Pre-seed and early-seed investments are our sweet spot. We ideally lead or co-lead the first round of institutional capital.


Our check size ranges from $100,000 to $300,000.


We look for a thesis fit with our avalanches.


We invest in stellar founders with a differentiated technological product.


We invest in US-based C Corp companies, although teams are often distributed and markets are global.

Focus on founders

We look for founders who are smart, thoughtful, and structured. Founders should have prior experience that demonstrates excellence.
Our job is to do whatever it takes to help founders be successful post-investment. We support our portfolio companies by being responsive, good listeners, and strong connectors.
Technical ability to build products
An understanding of their distinctive edge
Ability to sell and distribute
Aptitude for capital management
Our founders are dedicated to driving customer outcomes because they view their success and that of their customers as one and the same.
Naturally, this means they’ve identified an ideal customer profile and defined a clear value proposition.


It all starts with a submission and conversation. If it’s a no or not yet, we want to get there quickly.
We invest in lines, not dots. We want to get to know founders over time and read their investor updates, seeing how they build and drive momentum with our investment and partnership. 
Step 1: Submit your company

We accept startup submissions year-round. Click here to complete an Interested Founder submission form complete with your contact information and details about your venture.

Step 2: Avalanche VC Review

We will review your submission and the included materials. If your pitch, profile, and background seem like they have the potential to set off an avalanche, we’ll reach out to schedule an introductory call. 

Step 3: Deep dive

If we love what we hear and see in our intro call, we are serious about moving quickly into the next steps to help you change the world. We will schedule a deep dive session where we’ll draft a potential investment note.

Founders will have a structured interview with our Coach in Residence and Venture Partner, Dalglish Chew.

Step 4: Discuss and Finalize Investment Terms

These details matter. As we organize the terms and partner with founders and other potential investors, we must remember the avalanche we’re releasing into the world together. We finalize deals efficiently, effectively, and collaboratively.

Step 5: Final Due Diligence

Any remaining due diligence required will be completed before the deployment of capital in compliance with all industry and regulatory standards.

We invest in founders who are catalyzing the future and building their life's work.
What our founders are saying

Katelyn’s hands-on experience in scaling businesses is evident in her strategic guidance, making her an indispensable asset for any founder. For Upright Education, Katelyn's involvement has been much more than financial support; it's been a true partnership from day one.

Testimonial Authors Image
Benny Boas
Upright Education

We couldn’t have built Odyssey without her help. Katelyn was there from literally Day 1. We met for six months straight before we even started the company officially

Testimonial Authors Image
Joe Connor

Katelyn has been THE MOST impactful investor for Tribute. She’s smart, has incredible judgment, and is extremely well-connected.

Testimonial Authors Image
Sarah Haggard

Katelyn is experienced, real, and caring — a breath of fresh air. She brings the investor mindset you wish every VC had. Avalanche VC was one of our earliest supporters, and I'm grateful for how responsive they've been as thought partners and connectors to their network.

Testimonial Authors Image
Vince Jeong

Katelyn has been one of our best investors. Why? Her network, intellect, and eagerness to help are incredible. If you can work with her, grab it with both hands.

Testimonial Authors Image
Deepak Sekar
Prof Jim

Our Manifesto


Avalanche VC – A TechnoHumanist Manifesto

Change is the only constant. Everywhere technology is bounding ahead, and new, massive opportunities are emerging. Technology is surging. Yet, many legacy institutions are calcified in the past.

Basic human desires remain the same. Peace, stability, health, and progress have been priorities for humanity.

Technology is the driving force for improving quality of life, but the pace of change is now exponential.  Humanity struggles to keep up. Meanwhile, the demographics of humanity are reshaping society as lifespans are increasing and fertility rates are plummeting. The pyramid of age is being inverted. This has profound implications that are in the midst of transformation.

Technology Exponential Graph
Linear institutions, exponential technologies and the exponential gap
Lifespans are increasing globally
Source: Our world In Data
Steady decline in the fertility rate below replacement
Source: Our world In Data

The old formula for achieving personal prosperity is failing to produce results. Learning outcomes are stagnating. People are demanding more autonomy and freedom. Digital platforms facilitate increased productivity, but incomes are often stagnant. Legacy institutions are unable to product results and that is now visible. The future is not fully here.

What is required for a prosperous society in a reverse demographic period is amid dramatic transformation. How people learn, earn, and own is at the core of what is being reinvented. It is still early days.

The future looks different, but how?

Shifts in demographics and technology create the conditions for societal changes. Culture, economic structure, and public policy all eventually change based on these immutable forces. We refer to the trends that emerge as avalanches.

Every avalanche starts with invisible changes underneath the surface. They are difficult to see, in small niches, and are imperceivable except to those who are determined to find them and desperately paying attention.  

Once triggered, avalanches are unstoppable.

We conduct deep research, think analytically, and develop proprietary perspectives around these small shifts before they are broadly obvious.  

We partner with founders who perceive the invisible trends, use the latest technological advances, and build the new reality. These founders have been building far before  the landscape changed.  

Our capital is deployed to catalyze and capture the value behind the avalanche.

Changing systems and producing results at scale.

We focus initially on technologies transforming how people learn, earn, and own because these are core to the human experience, and each contain tipping points.


At the foundation of every successful life is a learning journey. Human social brains are wired to be curious and experimental. Learning compounds and creates more demand for itself. As incomes grow, the share of GDP going to education rises.

In a society automated by machine intelligence, the value of learning and being learned will be foundational and exceptional. Salespeople teach their customers. Scientists pioneer new technologies based on significant knowledge bases. Skilled laborers fix the infrastructure that we live in. Everyone, everywhere, will be supercharged by computer assistants, but they will need to know the foundations and key skills to stay ahead.

PRISMS OF REALITY - The new platform for STEM Education using spatial reasoning


The world of work and career is fundamentally changing to be more platform-driven, flexible, and independent. The talent marketplace is now global, skilled talent can geo-arbitrage and jurisdictions will compete for talent.

Everyone is an entrepreneur, or they must learn to think like one. We invest in platforms that drive a shift to greater efficiency and empowerment and increase skills in every vertical.

HUMANLY.IO - AI-Driving easier and more equitable hiring


In every society, optimizing ownership of assets is the key to success.

Demographic and technological trends is driving huge changes in the key economic parts of ownership.

Effective public goods are critical to every society, but traditional institutions have yet to adopt to modern times. Startups will implement and run last-mile delivery of government programs to achieve public goals.

Pensions and home ownership have traditionally provided a buffer of savings and stability for aging populations, yet their accessibility is changing.  

In an AI-driven economy, owning data and rights to your intellectual property will be a critical element of wealth. Blockchains, cryptocurrencies, and programable money are technological solutions to decentralize ownership.

BLUESKY - End-to-end best-in-class software allowing for user control and ownership

We back founders catalyzing the future and building their life’s work.

We look for smart, thoughtful, and structured founders who take every element of their work seriously. The founders we back have prior work experience demonstrating excellence and high performance.

Founders who view their companies as their ‘life’s work,’ and who are solving a problem they care deeply about will persist. Our founders view their customers' success as integral to their own. This alignment of incentives creates a powerful formula for results.

Our job is to talent and idea scouts and then deep partners to our founders. We will do whatever it takes to help them be successful post-investment. Sometimes this means getting out of the way. Sometimes this means taking an active, partnering role.

Massive Success

We will unlock of trillions of dollars of economic output when our founders succeed.

The outcome will be enormous when the Avalanche opportunity meets the determined founder and is catalyzed with capital.

All big things start small. We are dedicated to massive success in a decades-long time frame. We know anything is possible with enough grit, talent, and belief.

My Life’s Work

For me, avalanche is personal. I’ve built my career from my early days leading Duke’s largest student union to pioneering low-cost private school chains in the developing world to building Delivery Associates. I have a keen eye for talent and ideas who are undervalued and whose time has come.

My last venture was building Delivery Associates with Sir Michael Barber. As an analyst at McKinsey, I met Michael and instantly saw the power of deliverology in action. It was clear to me early that Michael was a unique and visionary leader whose ideas were fundamentally important to the world. It was obvious from the inbound demand from clients, customers, and jobseekers that Delivery Associates was needed in the world. While we raised capital, I invested my career and sweat equity from the early days of idea formation to the final stages of negotiation in the exit to Private Equity. I loved building the company into an institution that disrupted an industry and aim to do that again.

Over my investing and operating career, I’ve seen the power of capital allocators. Investors decide which visions get funded and where we invest our finite time. With Avalanche, as with Delivery Associates, I aspire to be the premier partner to the most outrageously ambitious founders who are building their life’s work.

I’m not in this business to collect lottery tickets, blindly accumulate assets, or jump into party rounds. I’m here to work with serious people on serious ideas. We are not commodity capital.

I love working with founders to will the future into existence. Investors who do the work and have conviction, particularly early, can create the avalanches we need to push society forward and crowd-in capital. This is my life’s work.
Lastly, our firm is serious about how we do business.

  • Think independently. We don’t care what the crowd thinks. We use our own judgment and collect primary evidence to form original perspectives.
  • Outrageously ambitious, long-term and relentlessly practical today.  The future will be vastly different, but the reality of the world today needs to be addressed. We don’t lose sight of what’s needed on what timeframe.
  • Life-long relationships built on shared values. Success for us looks like building life-long relationships with our LPs, founders, team members and network partners. We are creating wealth together.
  • Stewardship of capital. We operate with humility, transparency, and integrity in all aspects of investing and capital management. Our goal is to maximize financial outcomes from all our partners.
  • Out cooperate the competition. We have a carry-share program for our network partners and advisors who help us build relationships and understand avalanche opportunities.

Join us.

We are amid huge societal transformations. We seek to investors, builders, and founders who share our long-term vision of the future and want to build together. This is our avalanche.

Please always be in touch.

Katelyn Donnelly
Founder, Avalanche VC